NZ Roofing References

References for NZ Roofing Professionals

Here are some common roofing reference links: 

  • RANZ Roofing & Cladding How-to Guides - RANZ has available a suite of widely referenced how-to guides covering flashings, penetrations and cladding - see here.
  • The New Zealand Metal Roofing Manufacturers Association Inc (NZMRM) Code of Practice on NZ Metal Roof & Wall Cladding is available for free download on
  • The Waterproofing Membrane Association Inc Code of Practise on Torch-on Membrane Systems for Roofs and Decks is available for download at
  • RANZ Roof Coating COP - in association with fellow specialist trades Master Painters, RANZ has produced Roof Coating code of practice. Please find it at the link here.
  • RANZ Roof Restoration Consumer Advice Guide - link here.
  • Roof cleaning - refer to the Exterior Cleaning Industry Association's Code of Practice at the link here.  
  • RANZ ACM Flyer - Asbestos/non-Asbestos Metal Tile Information - here.
  • Health and Safety for NZ Roofing - see here
  • Sustainability for NZ Roofing - see here.

We advise people to leave roofing to the experts for safety and work standards. Always use a member of the Roofing Association - find a RANZ member near you here. 

RANZ members are held to stringent standards across workmanship, safety and business practices, and are supported with industry updates, resources, networks and much more. If you're looking to apply to join RANZ, see the link here for more information.