Maintenance in NZ Roofing

Maintaining your roof, wall cladding and rainwater systems

To get the best out of your roof, wall cladding or rainwater system and to comply with warranty conditions, no matter what you choose, you will have to do some maintenance during the life of those elements on your building. All building elements require some level of maintenance. No roof is “maintenance free”. For more detail about maintenance requirements for your particular roofing product, check with your supplier. 

If you notice a leak, rainwater systems are overflowing/leaking or unusual noises that appear to be coming from the roof, arrange for an inspection and repair before the problem escalates and more damage occurs. If an overflow is working that means urgent attention is required to clear the blockage.

If you choose to undertake maintenance yourself, make sure you do so safely. Ladders can be very dangerous if not used correctly. Only work at heights if you are competent to do so. Professionals use safety controls like edge protection, scaffold or cherry pickers for example. You should also use a safety control if you are going to be at heights for an extended period of time (e.g. hours not minutes).

If your roof is looking tired, needs repair and rejuvenation, then restoration may be an option. Restoration work is undertaken on various roof types, but the most commonly restored roofs are concrete tiles, metal tiles and pre-painted long-run steel roofing.

For more information and tips on maintaining your roof 

  • restoring and recoating
  • removal of organic growth
  • cleaning and maintenance

DOWNLOAD your free copy of the RANZ Roof Restoration Consumer Advice Guide

For further reference on roof coating specifically, find information and download link on the RANZ Roof Coating Code of Practice here

For more information on roof cleaning, refer to the Exterior Cleaning Industry Association's Code of Practice at the link here