Your RoofLink Member Access

We've released RoofLink digitally via the Issuu platform because of its features and quality. If you don't already have a login on the Issuu platform, no worries. One will be created for you when you redeem your first issue with your organisation's code per RoofLink issue. This will give you access to all your recent issues that you've redeemed from any device's web browser (including smartphones, PCs, laptops and more) by logging in to the Issuu platform. 

Like anything new, the digital platform may take you a little bit of getting used to for those not familiar with the likes of it - if that's you, please give your learning a moment and give it a go to enjoy benefits too. We've made ‚Äča video guide for you on the instructions below on how to access your first magazine copy and read it on the platform - click here to see the video if you'd like that guidance. Otherwise follow the steps below:

To get your RoofLink magazine, enter your organisations free-reader code for the publication you'd like to read, into the redeem codes box at the link on

Rooflink redeem code 1 

Upon following the link, you may notice that there is a charge to the general public for each digital copy of the publications - that obviously doesn't apply to you! You of course get your copies FREE with your code - just click on the redeem code link at - and follow as pictured.

Once you've entered your code, it may again look like you will be charged because of the "purchase" wording there, but you won't be - you are redeeming your free RoofLink access code so it's a 100% credit and therefore free for you immediately (and will be for your team where sharing). You will be asked to give your email address, allowing the platform to email you your access to read your RoofLink magazine copy at a later time again as suits you and to create an account for you for the next times too. Enter your email, read/accept the terms of service by checking the box, then click "Redeem Publication" as pictured.  

 Rooflink redeem code 3


You'll then be able to read the publication straight away if it's your first access, by clicking the "Read..." button. You will be created an account with Issuu - you don't have to use it the first time but do for future by following the account verification prompt you'll get via email and it'll be there for ease of access to all your publications in future on one login - accessible to you whenever, from most any device. Otherwise go to login and you can always select login and 'forgot my login, to set/reset your password, then go to again to redeem your code.

Reading your Magazine

When reading the magazine digitally, there is a navigation arrow on the left and right to turn pages, and then a zoom bar with + and - at bottom-right of the window (for desktop or laptop view that is - for touch screen, spread fingers to zoom instead), to make font and view larger and smaller. And then you grab the page to navigate (as you would do with your eyes across the printed page). 

There is a search function feature, allowing you to search subjects of interest directly via word search. And another feature of the platform is that the website links can be made live (many won't be enabled for these past issues mostly, but will be for future issues from Winter 2020), so you'll be able to click directly through on links. 

Thank you

Thank you again for navigating the changes with us, adapting to bring you your RoofLink publication online. We really appreciate you taking a moment to learn this and hope you enjoy the benefits it offers too.

If you have any other questions or comments please don't hesitate to email: