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TORCH-ON MEMBRANE Code of Practice

The Code of practice for Torch-On Membrane Systems for Roofs and Decks published 2008 is available for free download from the Waterproofing Membrane Association website:


View or download from the Ministry's website:





























Why Use a RANZ Member?

Get it right! Protect your investment

RANZ Members are professional roofing specialists

Whether a residential dwelling or commercial/industrial property, installing a new roof, re-roofing or restoring and maintaining your roof system is an important investment.

Before you spend your money, make sure you:

  • Evaluate the roofing company or contractor who is quoting to do the work. A quality installation and competent workmanship by a specialist roofing company is essential to protect your investment.
  • Evaluate your product options. Ensure the materials used on your roof system are quality products suited to your location and environmental conditions and that all componentry e.g. fasteners and accessories, are compatible. Importantly, the materials should be backed by a sound durability product warranty from a reputable manufacturer, supplier or importer.

Select from over 300 RANZ member companies situated throughout New Zealand.

Benefits of using a member

  • RANZ members are specialist businesses in their field of roofing.
  • Assurance RANZ members are credible, professional, skilled and reliable.
  • All installation company members have been fully assessed to ensure their business background/conduct and workmanship standards meet the Association's membership criteria.
  • Members are accountable to the Association. They are obligated to adhere to their responsibilities of membership in accordance with the Association’s Rules, Code of Ethics and Complaint/Dispute Code of Conduct.
  • Access to the RANZ Complaint/Dispute Service.


  • Members will warranty their work up to a maximum of five (5) years for roof installation.
  • The Roofing Association DOES NOT UNDERWRITE warranties/guarantees issued by its members and does not operate a fidelity scheme.
  • Material/product warranties are issued by the manufacturer and passed on through the installer.
  • Warranties for repairs & maintenance differ from full roof installation and, dependent on the type of repair, a warranty may not be given..
  • Warranties issued by restoration/coating companies may offer a pro-rata warranty up to a term of 10 years. Seek an explanation of a pro-rata warranty from the provider of the warranty.

In all cases of installation services for non-business purposes, the rights of the consumer are protected under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Complaint service

Support is available through the Association's Complaint & Dispute Service. Terms and conditions apply.

The Association will only become involved with investigation of unresolvable complaints/disputes of SERIOUS defective workmanship by an installer [primary] member or serious conduct unbecoming a member PROVIDED every attempt has been made by the customer and member to resolve the dispute before involving the Association.

For detailed information about this service, tips for dispute resolution, terms & conditions, fees, and the process for lodgement of a formal complaint [DOWNLOAD] the RANZ Complaint/Dispute Assessment & Investigation Service Information Brochure and Customer Complaint Lodgement Form.


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