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TORCH-ON MEMBRANE Code of Practice

The Code of practice for Torch-On Membrane Systems for Roofs and Decks published 2008 is available for free download from the Waterproofing Membrane Association website:


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Apprenticeship training

A unique aspect of roofing training is that apprentices learn on the job with their employers engaged in the day-to-day supervision of the trainee and monitoring workplace tasks to be signed off under workplace verification.

During the training process, apprentices/trainees will be mentored by a Workplace Verifier and at the end of each training stage the workplace assessor will ensure that apprentices are practising and completing their training in a satisfactory way. At the end of each year The Skills Organisation will notify the NZ Qualifications Authority and the apprentice will receive a Record of Learning, listing the unit standards achieved for that year.

Modern apprenticeship scheme

At the beginning of 2009, roofing was accepted into the government's Modern Apprenticeship Scheme providing greater benefits for emloyers.

Example of term and content of an apprenticeship

The example used refers to an apprenticeship in metal roofing

Stage 1 – Introduction to Metal Roofing – approx. 6 months
Health & Safety, tools of the trade, and an insight into the materials they will be fixing in the strand and how to fix correctly in that strand.

Stage 2 – Fixing the roof – approx. 6 months
The apprentice will gain knowledge on company procedures at the start of a contract, working alongside the main contractor and other trades on site, learning about the materials required to complete a contract, fixing a basic roof with standard accessories and flashing small penetrations with minimal supervision.

Stage 3 – Progressing Practical Skills – approx. 6 months
This is a more detailed section comprising both practical and theory with workbook assignments and off the job training courses, scheduled by the ITO.

Stage 4 – Completing Practical Skills – approx. 6 months
The apprentice roofer will be capable of completing a complicated roof without supervision. The apprentice will gain competency in building regulations (NZ Standards and Building Code), calculations for wind loading and rainfall catchment, complex flashings and penetrations, good knowledge of relevant Code of Practice.


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